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Pinned topic Any differences between Mainframe CICS and TXSeries CICS?

‏2011-06-14T03:09:11Z |

In the 90's I wrote many mainframe CICS apps, After retiring I got into 'CICS for Windows NT V3' and now use 'TXSeries for Multiplatforms' on a Windows XP platform.

My question is about EXEC CICS RECEIVE (ECR hereafter). I contend:

a) mainframe ECR acts in a certain way
b) CICS for Windows NT V3 ECR acts in the same way
c) TXSeries for Multiplatforms ECR acts differently from a) and b)

Are TXSeries for Multiplatforms CICS commands rewrites of mainframe commands?

Please, thanks
Graham Hobbs