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‏2011-06-09T15:22:05Z |
We will install TSM back fast, in a clustered environment. We want to replicate data in the cluster that are on a SAN array to a second site
The 2 sites have a fast server back. replication in non-clustered environment works but clustered, the restoration does not work. It displays an error message
Can you help me please.
is there would be a simple installation procedure explained
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    Re: Installation TSM Fast Back

    The Server component of TSM Fastback doesn't yet support installation in a cluster configuration such as you're attempting >>

    I'm also fairly sure I haven't seen any statements of support regarding using array replication to replicate the Fastback Server.

    I'd say you're unlikely to get any support from IBM whatsoever on this.

    David Mc
    London, UK