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‏2011-06-09T14:49:53Z |
I have created a new PROJECT object in Maximo that has a PROJECTNUM attribute formatted like "00-00-0000". I have added a PROJECTNBR attribute to the POLINE and WORKORDER objects so they can be assigned to a particular project (for supplemental billing process). In all 3 objects, the PROJECTNUM (or PROJECTNBR) field is an ALN with a length of 10 and when I look in the database it is a varchar(10) field. I have added fields on the WOTRACK and PO applications so the user can enter or select a project number, however, when they either select it from the select value, return with value from the Project Management (custom) app, or just enter a valid project number, the user is given an error message stating:
BMXAA7094E - The entered value 21-11-0130 is not valid. Enter a valid integer value.

(Note: 21-11-0130 is the number the user entered)

I cannot find anywhere within Maximo that PROJECTNUM or PROJECTNBR is set up as an integer!

Any and all help is greatly appreciated!
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    Somehow this thread is a duplicate of my other thread. If a moderator could remove or lock this thread, it would be greatly appreciated.