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‏2011-06-09T04:34:37Z |

Now that I have imported metadata from Cognos into the Metadata Workbench repository, I'm wishing to do something productive with it.

Can anybody provide me with advice on how I might be able to use this metadata to create documentation for users? I'm specifically wishing to create documentation which describes the BI Model, including things like:

a) Objects (i.e. analogous to tables and fields) the model contains
b) Whether any business rules were used
c) basic data lineage info (i.e. which tables it links back to in the DW)

et cetera.

The user guide seems to say nothing about this. And nor have I attended training, which I'm considering.

Can anyone please provide advice?

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    Re: Another Newbie Question...


    You my try the customised Query function in Workbench. It's under Discovery tab. Simply start with BI Report assets from the list, select attributes from each asset type, and specify selection conditions, before run the query. You can save the results in Excel or CSV.

    All related operations can be found in online help.