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‏2011-06-08T18:31:23Z |
Hello All,

I have the most recent version of IDA installed, but I am having problems installing Subversion. I have tried installing the Market Place plug-in, but that also fails. Is there a cheat sheet for how to install Subversion somewhere?


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    Re: IDA & Subversion

    We have recently changed to subversion from CVS and are now only running the old cvs server due to IDA. I hope someone can explain how to get IDA to use subversion as repository instead of the outdated CVS.

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    Re: IDA & Subversion

    FYI, IDA formally supports only CVS, ClearCase & RTC as SCMs. However we do have numerous customers installing the Eclipse plugins for Subversion in IDA and use SubVersion as SCM (even though it is not supported). The current version of IDA is based on Eclipse 3.4.2, so please use the SubVersion plugin that goes with this version of Eclipse.

    A google search came up with this -->
    (There are numerous blog posts similar to this one). Do note, we haven't tried these steps internally