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Pinned topic AME 6-day Trial - what happens after ?

‏2011-06-08T08:44:45Z |
When you use the 60-day trial to activate AME, what happens if the trial expires and you have not disabled it before the end of the trial ? What will happen to the LPAR that has AME enabled and running ?

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    Re: AME 6-day Trial - what happens after ?

    ‏2011-08-12T19:56:57Z  in response to AnkeHollanders
    The hole system explodes :-)

    Seriously tho, it will only be turned off, factor expansion will be disabled, and the system will "dlpar" the memory to its profile designed memory.
    • nagger
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      Re: AME 60-day Trial - what happens after ?

      ‏2011-09-30T09:27:38Z  in response to SystemAdmin
      Sorry but I don't think the system will do anything to your running LPAR.
      That would be very hostile - not the IBM way.

      The AME temporary activated feature does get turned off but your LPAR will carry on running.
      If however, you stop and start it, you will find it refuse to start as AME is not available.
      You will then have to alter the LPAR profile to remove the AME setting to restart the LPAR.

      Well that is what happened to me during the beta testing.

      Thanks Nigel Griffiths