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‏2011-06-06T16:10:28Z |

I have developed stateless EJB web service using filenet Java API to retrieve, delete, update documetns in FileNet. At present to connect to filenet i am using JAAS authentication through below code

UserContext userContext = UserContext.get();

// Build the subject using the stanza
userContext.pushSubject(UserContext.createSubject(connection, p8Props.getProperty(USERNAME),
p8Props.getProperty(PASSWORD), p8Props.getProperty(STANZA_NAME)));

We have delployed this web service on filenet server and it is going to be consumeed by Lombardi Workflow application. Since this is web serivce call, lombardi will use WS-Security and put LTPA token as SOAP Request header.

also Lombardi workflow and Filenet server as trusted relationship using same LTAP token. What code i need to write in my web service so that it will have subject and connect to filenet?

Please advice