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Pinned topic FSM 4.5 fails with code 6

‏2011-06-06T12:03:30Z |
Hi Folks
I am trying to install FSM 4.5 on windows 2008/MS-SQL2008 using the embedded Jetty Application Server.
The Installation checks went smoothly but after completing the installation, the message below is recieved:
IBM FileNEt System Monitor Installation complete with return code 6. The installation of IBM FileNEt System monitor finished with fatal errors.
Please check the Installation "Protocoll" for further information.

I am not sure what is this and what file to check. IBM FSM service fails to start!!
any idea?
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    Re: FSM 4.5 fails with code 6

    the issue is resolved. there were two problems, one FSM was installed on the path Program files(X86)/IBM/FSM which seems to be long for Jetty Apps to start. So I configured the path to run in IBM/FSM and that solved the FSM startup. Second issue was related to cala_rex_srv.cfg file. we had to set the full path to finca.external.jdbc/ to work.