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Pinned topic Calling static inline function from within inline function

‏2011-06-01T20:25:02Z |

I'm compiling some bioinformatics code from sourceforge (BWA with xlc on Linux on POWER7 and am getting some errors relating to inline functions within the code that I don't see with GCC.

For example:
"bwt.c", line 106.22: 1506-780 (S) Reference to "__occ_aux" with
internal linkage is not allowed within inline definition of "bwt_occ".

Removing the static from the function definition and changing several function definitions to "__inline__" from "inline" allows compilation to continue, but I would prefer not to mangle the code because it is not mine, and I don't know the reasons the programmer(s) may have had for defining their functions that way.

I've tried various arrangements of the compiler options: -qlanglvl=stdc99, -qkeyword=inline, and -qkeepinlines to no avail.
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    Re: Calling static inline function from within inline function

    The xlc compiler error is most likely due to a violation of C99 in application's code. It is documented in the C99 specification (

    An inline definition of a function with external linkage shall not contain a definition of a
    modifiable object with static storage duration, and shall not contain a reference to an
    identifier with internal linkage.

    There are two suggestions that you can try to use:

    Use the option -Dinline=__inline__. It implies that you use GNU (non-c99) style inlining, which is implemented in the xlc compiler with the __inline__ keyword, as GCC inline keyword by default does not conform to c99.

    Use gxlc/gxlc++ to port applications. gxlc/gxlc++ takes GNU C/C++ compiler options and translates them into comparable XL C/C++ options. The list of translated options is located in configuration file gxlc.cfg shipped with XL C/C++ compiler. Please note, that not every GNU option has a corresponding XL C/C++ option - gxlc/gxlc++ will return warnings for input options that are not translated.