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‏2011-06-01T18:56:22Z |
Hi all,

I have configured both the FTE WebGateway(v7.0.3), and the DB Logger with a Stand-alone WAS v7, and DB2 v9.7. I am able to transfer files from a agent to the Web Gateway agent, and can see all the logging attributes in the Logger DB, but When I try to send using the sample HTTP webpage which is provided in the InfoCenter, I get an error that indicates an issue with the DB Logger.

I am confused as to why the file transfer would work from an agent to the WebGateway, but Not from the WebGateway to the agent.

Any suggestions would be appreicated!
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    Re: FTE WebGateway configuration

    additional info:
    Here is the source code that I used:
    <form enctype="multipart/form-data" action="http://+hostname+/wmqfte/file/agent/AGT_WIN01@QMWIN01/Temp "method="POST">
    <input type="HIDDEN" name="action" value="overwrite"/>
    <input type="HIDDEN" name="type" value="text"/>
    <input type="HIDDEN" name="jobname" value="TEST"/>
    <input type="HIDDEN" name="priority" value="1"/>
    <input type="HIDDEN" name="checksum" value="NONE"/>
    <input type="HIDDEN" name="metadata" value="fred=awesome,bob=cool"/>
    <input type="HIDDEN" name="metadata" value="lewis=fast,niall=slow"/>
    <input type="HIDDEN" name="postdest" value="command=D:\postdest.cmd,type=executable,successrc=0"/>

    <input type="HIDDEN" name="postdest-args" value="fred"/>
    File: <input type="FILE" name="file"/>
    <input type="submit" name="Upload" value="Upload" />

    response after choosing a file:

    BFGWI0018E: The request could not be completed due to an internal web application server error.