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Pinned topic how to capture serial port data

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I want to capture the data sent to and received from a serial port and store in a file. This serial port is connected to an instrument using modem. It seems portmir command can be used for this purpose. Is it possible and if yes, how can I do it?

Thanks a lot.
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    Re: how to capture serial port data


    You can use third-party software.
    for example: Awavo COM Port Monitor can meet your requirements.
    software screenshot:

    download from:
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    Re: how to capture serial port data


    You should be able to use portmir to monitor a serial port with a modem attached to it, where the serial port is the AIX's system's port; however, I am not clear on what you mean by "instrument'.  Is there something between the modem and the serial port other than a typical serial cable connection?  Also, is this a login port?

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