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Pinned topic datapower stylesheet execution error.

‏2011-05-27T15:51:29Z |
I have a simple requirement we r getting a request we need to send it to a q,
for stress test we need to send the same message multiple times, I am using recursion to achieve this,
Everything works fine if the number of times the loop executes is like 500 times but when i make this number around 1000
I am getting the below error. How to resolve this stack overflow error????

11:33:11 mpgw error 1570161 error 0x00230001 mpgw (PRV_STP_MPGW_TESTING): Dynamic Execution Error
11:33:11 multistep error 1570161 request 0x80c00009 mpgw (PRV_STP_MPGW_TESTING): request PRV_STP_MPGW_TESTING_rule_0 #2 xform: 'Transforming trmpvar1 with local:///POCDPMQPutMsg.xsl results stored in NULL' failed: local:///POCDPMQPutMsg.xsl:14: Stack overflow
11:33:11 xslt error 1570161 request 0x80c00010 mpgw (PRV_STP_MPGW_TESTING): Execution of 'local:///POCDPMQPutMsg.xsl' aborted: local:///POCDPMQPutMsg.xsl:14: Stack overflow