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Pinned topic UML Modeling Environment and XMI genration

‏2011-05-27T15:31:41Z |

I am working on developing a UML Tool similar to Visual Paradigm or Visio.
It would allow to model UML class and UML sequence diagrams having support for Aspect Oriented Programming (AspectJ).
I am currently working on making the environent where user could drag n drop standard UML class and sequence notations to draw the respective diagrams.
I am trying to do this in Netbeans Visual Library API but im finding it too much difficult to work on as there are no detailed information on it.
So is there any such Library available that allows to make UML modeling related Apps.

Second i would be further generating XMI(XML metadat Interchange) from the drawn UML diagrams. So is there any Library for it as genrating XMI manually would be a great amount of work.

And last, is there any library/API that generates the AspectJ code from any XMI document.

Thanks for your support and time in advance.