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Pinned topic SQWCTRL User Challenge in 9.7.2

‏2011-05-27T14:05:25Z |
Hello all,

we have just recently installed ISW 9.7.2 and set it live.

Now I wanted to register the Repository in the design studio and face the following challenge:

The SQWCTRL Database is installed with the standard settings.

As Users I find:

  • System, with Administration rights

  • I_DB2, the instance user with no rights to the database at all

As Groups I find:

  • Public, with no rights to the database at all

How do I now possibly add another Administrator not knowing the System user credentials?

Any hints welcome.

Lothar Jürgens
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    Re: SQWCTRL User Challenge in 9.7.2

    Hi Lothar,
    This is a known issue with the DB2 9.7.2 and 9.7.3 fixpacks. Please see the following technote for details and the workarounds. While the document refers to the TOOLSDB, for the ISW environment the SQWCTRL database has the same side-effect.

    This problem will not exist in the ISW 9.7.3 release which includes the DB2 9.7.4 fixpack. However if you have SQWCTRL database already created in this environment you will need to apply one of the workarounds documented in the technote.

    It should also be noted that this problem only occurs when you install the Database and Administration Console environments at the same time. If you install DB2 first and do not create the SQWCTRL database, and then install the Application Server components as a separate process which includes creating the SQWCTRL database at this time the problem does not occur.

    Best regards,