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Pinned topic CICS COBOL SOAP request to a secure server

‏2011-05-26T18:47:42Z |
I am using a COBOL program via CICS to contact a secure server with a request for data. When my wsdl binding mode is defined as document I get the error 'SimpleDeserializer encountered a child element, which is NOT expected'. If I change the wsdl binding mode to rpc, I get a different error, that my prefix is not bound. I have been unable to get help on this, all forums seem to be dealing with straight java. As I am new to dealing with connecting to secure servers from the mainframe, I may be missing some very basic information.
High level - I'm using CICS transaction server V4.1, using containers and pipelines to make my call. I am not using INVOKE WEBSERVICES, I am building the SOAP XML body myself and linking to DFHPIRT. We have the certificates set up to reach the secure server and at this point I seem to be leaving the mainframe but I don't know what to do with this error.