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Pinned topic Migrating Lotus Notes Contents to DB2 CM

‏2011-05-26T09:07:11Z |

In our project we are tasked to migrate lotus notes contents to DB2 Content Manager.
Is there an out-of-box method to do this?
Or can we use an IBM project to do this?

We thought that using IBM Content Integrator may help us.
But we can not find any example code for retrieving lotus notes contents using ICI.
Is there any code sample or documentation for retrieving lotus notes contents and storing them as a DB2 CM content.

Thank you...
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    Re: Migrating Lotus Notes Contents to DB2 CM

    Hi Evrim,

    You can definitely use the IBM Content Integrator API to write your content migration code. You can refer to the various available documentation to help with understanding ICI and how to use it to develop your application.

    I highly recommend starting off by reading the following Redbook, which includes sample code:
    Part 3 of this Redbook covers the ICI product in detail.

    If you already have ICI, the commandline examples we ship provide working examples on how to use the ICI API. The Information Center is also a very good resource:

    I hope the above information is useful. Feel free to ask any more specific questions you have.
    Thank you,
    Neeta Kamadolli
    Software Engineer
    IBM Content Integrator