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Pinned topic P8 4.5.1 CE_Operations error Invalid Field Type

‏2011-05-24T13:23:05Z |

I have the next error in CE_Operations, it happens when the searchforOne operation executes.

We haven't change anything in workflow definition and the fields are the type specified.

CE_Operationshttp://1] adaptor processing step element wobId=7979E2C4852611E0A5530000AC14092D, workflowName=RTVECintaSignatura, method signature=public filenet.vw.api.VWAttachment filenet.contentops.ContentOperations.searchForOne(filenet.vw.api.VWAttachment,java.lang.String,int[,java.lang.String[]) throws java.lang.Exception at May 23, 2011 10:29:02 AM GMT. !!! FAILED in dispatching !!! due to -714276823:Err=d56d0029 Invalid field type

The component manager locks the WorkItem and does not leave to delete or unlock or do anythig with it.

Do you have any idea?

Thank you
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    Re: P8 4.5.1 CE_Operations error Invalid Field Type

    Does anybody know why it happens? I have the same problem.
    Thanks to all in advance.