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‏2011-05-20T14:00:02Z |
If I am using automatic storage paths and auto-increment for tablespaces, all the alerts for tablespace usage and container usage are irrelevant. What I really need is alerting based on my Storage Path utilization. I don't see alerts for this within OPM.

Is this coming soon in OPM?
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  • UteBaumbach
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    Re: Alerting on Automatic Storage Path

    if you use OPM and apply APAR PK99938 then you won't get any tablespace full alerts for autoresize and autostorage table spaces. You can ask for APAR PK99938 via PMR.

    In general future OPM releases intend to provide new alerts and we can add your requested alert to the list of possible new alerts.

    Ute Baumbach
  • NormanWong@CN
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    Re: Alerting on Automatic Storage Path

    Thanks for the response.

    When you do build the alert, it would be nice if can be set as a percentage full and a minimum of bytes free.

    For very large filesystems, 10% free can represent hundreds of GB.