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‏2011-05-20T00:21:43Z |
I'm current using data stage version 7.5.1.A.

In the datastage director, the scheduler have become disable on my pc (as client).
when i select the option to run job: every, I'm not able to select the day or dates.

I use my login on different machine, it works fine.

I've also rebuild my pc but the scheduler is still disabled.

any solution?
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    Re: Scheduler disabled

    It might be to do with the colours or the Windows theme setting on that PC. Looks to me like the enabling/disabling of those controls depends on the Button Face colour of the system NOT being white. So it thinks the "selected" colour as white, and the "deselected" colour is whatever the system says "Button Face" is set to. If they are the same colour (that is, white) I think it'll not work correctly, though I haven't come across that one before. Just a thought.