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Pinned topic Where should the AE/CE monitor checks be run from?

‏2011-05-19T18:10:40Z |
I have a multiple server environments. AE/CE/WXT/RM all run on one linux server. PE runs on a windows server. When I try to configure a FileNetWebApplicationStatus check in Calamoma.jnpl I get the following error:

#Environment file not found: /opt/IBM/FSM/cala/monitors/pam/

I have searched the file system and indeed the file is missing. I am assuming fnis stands for FileNet Image Service, so I looked on the Windows Server for the file. It was there. So the question I have, is should this file be on the linux server as well? If so, why isn't there? Or do I need to run all these checks from the PE Windows Server. In theory, it shouldn't matter where I run them from as long as the machine has the appropriate config/binaries to run the check and report back to the FSM server. Am I missing something?
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    Re: Where should the AE/CE monitor checks be run from?

    For PE, you need to configure the IS portion for it as well. Refer to the documentation to configure Image Services.

    Also, whenever showing the output, it is helpful to show more or all of the installation output since the context of the message is important. For instance, that message is completely normal if you are installing on a machine or environment that really does not have IS.