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Pinned topic passing NLSPATH through sudo

‏2011-05-18T21:44:29Z |
when I run cicsadd through sudo I get the below error. This happens even if I am performing updates/deletes. I understand sudo doesn't pass NLSPATH of the user so how can I get through this problem.
In my user profile in AIX i have the right directories being passed to NLSPATH & LANG variables.
$ sudo cicsadd -c td -r test1 DTST ProgName="test01"
ERZ057001E/0058: Cannot access message catalog for message ERZ046091I
Please check if NLSPATH or LANG variable is set
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  • lakshuraghav
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    Re: passing NLSPATH through sudo

    You can possibly try creating a soft link of<LANG>) under /usr/lib/nls/msg/<LANG>/ and check if it works.
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    Re: passing NLSPATH through sudo

    Thanks it worked.