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Pinned topic Downloading WSDL/XSD from WSRR

‏2011-05-18T18:36:50Z |
Is there a way to download WSDL/XSD from WSRR? For instance,
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  • cltnc28269
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    Re: Downloading WSDL/XSD from WSRR

    You could retrieve WSDL using namespace and port name. For example -

    where TicketAgentService is namespace and is the namespace.

    You may refer to this page for more details:
  • pdrowley
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    Re: Downloading WSDL/XSD from WSRR

    Are you talking about the WSDL and XSD for the registry Web services?

    If you are, then you can go into the WebSphere Application Server admin console, click on the Service Registry application, and then select Publish WSDL Files, which we give you all the files for all the releases upto the one you are running. You should use the latest ones.

    If it's a WSDL or XSD in service registry, then you can use the content servlet

    /WSRR/<registry version>/Content/<bsrURI of document you want>

    The info center will have more information
  • SystemAdmin
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    Re: Downloading WSDL/XSD from WSRR

    Thanks all. This info should be very helpful.

    We just stood-up WSRR and I haven't had time to read how it can be used.

    One of the first tasks is to provide the means for service consumers to have the ability to download their WSDL/XSD. It seems that both of these suggestions will fit the bill.

    Again thanks!