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‏2011-05-18T12:39:22Z |
This is a free forum and anyone can post a technical thread that is related to WebSphere Portal. IBM encourages its support engineers and developers to participate. However, the answers from individuals may not officially represent the views of IBM. If you have questions about the answers provided in the forum, open a problem management record (PMR) with IBM support.

IBM is not responsible for the security of the documents you send to the forum. It's advised to be careful when you send configuration and log files. Try to mask out the user ID information and passwords; hostnames and IPs; network configuration diagram; system configuration information, etc. should be removed, before sending the files. You can try to contact the forum administrator to delete such files, if you find out later.

Be advised that you may want to use other forums for questions and problems to get quicker and better answers. Here is a short list:
Portal and Portlet Development:
Web Content Management (WCM):
WebSphere Portlet Factory:
WebSphere Application Server:
Rational Development Tools:

Mark your own thread completed/answered, when your questions are answered, or problem is resolved. This will benefit other people. On the other hand, once is a thread is answered, we should consider it's closed. If you have a similar problem or question, please open a new thread, don't try to piggyback on a closed thread. You can certainly reference old threads.

Search the forums first on search engines and IBM support. Your questions might have been asked before. When you post your questions or problems, try to have a short and precise title and problem description. Provide error messages and log entries. It's not recommended to post long stack traces. They can be requested if needed. This forum is intended for simple and short answers and solutions. If a problem is not resolved or a question is not answered in a few days, you may consider opening a problem management record (PMR) with IBM support.

IBM Certified System Administrator -- WebSphere Portal V6.0,
IBM Certified Solution Developer -- WebSphere Portal v6.0, V7.0

The postings on this site are my own and do not necessarily represent the positions, strategies, or opinions of IBM

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