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Pinned topic UCM Clearcase: Single vs Multi Stream repository trade-offs

‏2011-05-18T06:20:59Z |
Can anyone let me know the major trade-off's that one should consider while deciding upon the repository structure in UCM ClearCase?

Also, any article/ link for the "UCM Clearcase for Agile" best practices!

  • GKellner
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    Re: UCM Clearcase: Single vs Multi Stream repository trade-offs

    One point might be the number of developers.

    If you have one person per component, the single stream development seems to be easier in usage.

    Having more developers, working in a parallel way, MultiStream is recommended.
    No one can block an other having a checkout, being on holidays.
    A developer is able to rebase his stream before the deliver, to check, if there are merge conflicts or if the sources can be compiled...

    If you are not sure, which way might be the best, you can start with a compromise:
    You can create the projects with MultiStream configuration, but the developers work with the integration stream only.
    If the project situation changes, if you are facing problems with this way of single stream development, you can simply switch to MultiStream.
    If you start with SingleStream, you can only change to MultiStream by setting up a new project.

    greetings georg.