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Pinned topic Nesting dataTableEx with requestRowAction usage in dataIterator

‏2011-05-17T20:19:36Z |
I am nesting a dataTableEx component that uses requestRowAction inside a dataIterator component. All the data in each occurance of the dataTableEx is right. The generated JavaScript for the requestRowAction of each row is not working in 2 to n interations of the code The first one works. In the second iteration and beyond, the JavaScript that ties to the behavior is not generated.

dataIterator code:
<hx:dataIterator id="dataIterator1" value="# pc_EligibilitySummary.mePolicyList}" binding="#{pc_EligibilitySummary.dataIterator}" var="v_mePolicyList">

dataTableEx code:
<hx:dataTableEx id="coverageList" value="#{v_mePolicyList.coverageInfo}" var="v_coverageInfo">

requestRowAction code:
<hx:requestRowAction id="rowAction" action="coverageDetail" binding="#{pc_EligibilitySummary.rowAction}">

I also noticed that the generated behaviors at the bottom of the HTML has the same name for each behavior at the high level. It looks to me the real problem is the dataIterator is not incrementing the index that belongs to it. Behavior examples below.

Belongs to first row of first dataTableEx:

Belongs to first row of second dataTableEx:

As you can see, they are the same. I believe the second one needs ":1" and not a ":0". I also believe this is a problem with the IBM enhanced faces components.

Does anyone know of a work around or am I wrong somehow?
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    Re: Nesting dataTableEx with requestRowAction usage in dataIterator

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    Re: Nesting dataTableEx with requestRowAction usage in dataIterator

    • yurykats
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    Thanks Yury. The dataIterator is really going to help us out. I hope this fixes our problem.

    Thanks again,