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Pinned topic Behavior of DB2 9 when running a slow SQL

‏2011-05-14T18:53:19Z |
Hi All,

We have just upgraded from db2 version 8 to 9 for z/OS. We ran a test using jdbc type 4 to see how db2 would respond with a very slow sql and we found out
that after around 50 seconds, it either gives the following error:

error 1: jcct4203011211http://3.57.82 Der er opstået en kommunikationsfejl under operationer på forbindelsens underliggende socket, socket-inputstrøm
eller socket-outputstrøm. Fejlplacering: Reply.fill(). Meddelelse: socket closed. ERRORCODE=-4499, SQLSTATE=08001

error 2: jcc1010010910http://3.57.82 java.sql.PreparedStatement.executeQuery() er kaldt, men intet resultatsæt er returneret.
Brug java.sql.PreparedStatement.executeUpdate() til ikke-forspørgsler. ERRORCODE=-4476, SQLSTATE=nullresponse time:

1. Regarding error 1, is it a setting in db2 that forces the connection (socket) to be terminated when it is slow after a given amount of time?
2. Has someone ever encountered error 2? Is it also a consequence of the socket termination?

Thanks in advance!
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    Re: Behavior of DB2 9 when running a slow SQL

    I have no direct experience with these errors.

    However, the SQLSTATE for #1 says it relates to these 4 SQLCODES:
    SQL Code: -30082
    SQL Code: -30080
    SQL Code: -30081
    SQL Code: -808
    All of which are problems with the connection, establishing the connection.

    I found it intersting that Quick Ref on our z/OS system have no entries for either of the SQLCODES you listed.