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Pinned topic Anaconda and multipath problems with a p505

‏2011-05-13T20:37:48Z |

I'm trying to do a Cobbler-based network installation of Fedora 12 onto a p505 with two 146GB SCSI disks. No matter what I do, Anaconda (12.42, I think, but whatever's in the F12 stage2 install image) insists on ignoring /dev/sda and /dev/sdb as individual drives and instead tries to work with a multipath group /dev/mapper/mpath0.

Passing "nompath" on the bootline has no effect on this behavior.

Any references to sda or sdb in "clearpart..." or "part..." lines in my kickstart cause Anaconda to error out either immediately when the kickstart is parsed, or later during the partition-setup phase.

I was able to get all the way through the partition-setup phase by removing all references to specific disks in my "part.." lines, but then Anaconda errored out later when it tried to mount the partition it had (apparently successfully) created and mkfs'd for /.

I've used this same Cobbler setup successfully with a ps710 and a couple of js-12's, so I'm guessing that it's something peculiar to the way the two SCSI adapters and the drives are interconnected in the p505.

Any suggestions as to how I might proceed?


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    Re: Anaconda and multipath problems with a p505

    Discovered today that if I pop the second drive out of it's bay, Anaconda detects /dev/sda as a singlepath disk and goes on it's merry way through the partitioning, formatting, and installation.

    Still puzzled as to why having the second disk present causes so much trouble...