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Pinned topic Migration Toolkit 3.0.0 Runtime Setup

‏2011-05-13T18:19:03Z |
On page 14 of the migration toolkit documentation (ApplicationMigrationTool_en_US.3.0.0_beta_WebSphere_v2v.pdf) it reads:
"4. On the next wizard page, click Browse to choose the library location, locate the dev/JavaEE folder of your WebSphere Application Server installation, and select the appropriate Java EE version. That folder contains the j2ee.jar file with the Java EE APIs."

We have some developers who aren't using RAD and are instead using generic eclipse or another tool. They will not have a licensed copy of WebSphere Application Server installed and we do not want them to (we'd much rather they had the free Developer edition). What do those developers use? Is this available as a discrete installation?