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‏2011-05-12T07:49:19Z |
Is it possible to have Rhapsody generate code from sequence diagrams?

Just as a simple test, I have created 2 classes and they have round-tripped into Java code fine. I then created a simple sequence diagram using these classes and was able to realize methods on them and round-trip this.

I then thought that if I drew a message from the call to Class1.methodA on my sequence to Class2.methodB that Rhapsody would generate a call to Class2.methodB in the body of Class1.methodA. Is this how it is intended to work, I have attached a picture of my sequence diagram.


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    Re: Code generation from sequence diagrams

    Hi Patrick,

    Try creating Sequence diagram in Design mode (A radio button while creating a SD)

    Or, after completing the SD, do the following-

    Edit > Select unrealized

    Edit > Auto realize