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Pinned topic DB2 Net Search Extender - Redbook? and User Experience requested

‏2011-05-10T15:36:59Z |
NOTE: I originally posted this to "Developerworks IBM DB2 Forum" and received no responses.
We are currently planning to implement a Search facility in our application and are considering "DB2 Net Search Extender" (NSE) or "DB2 Text Search" (TS).
Is there a REDBOOK on NSE ???

I would also appreciate hearing about any experiences in developing apps using NSE or TS.

We have reviewed the facilities comparison between TS and NSE provided by IBM.
Other than NSE having additional facilities (fuzzy search, proximity, etc. ) are there any other reasons I should choose one over the other (i.e. performance, planned product retirement, etc.) ???

Any advise, insight, or experiences you may provide would be welcome.