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Pinned topic RequisitePro Views Built Differently in ReqPro vs. SoDA

‏2011-05-09T19:26:16Z |
I have a view in ReqPro that filters on an attribute. In the view definition, I've selected the option to 'retain hierarchical display'. The set of requirements is 6 parent/child levels deep. The attribute can change values in the parent/child chain.

When I open the view in ReqPro client, it appears that the filter is applied to the requirement set, and then the hierarchy is built. This results in parent requirements being displayed that don't match the filter. This is the functionality that I want.

However, when this same view is accessed via a SoDA report, parent requirements that don't match the filter criteria are not displayed.

Has anyone else seen this behavior? Is there a technique I can use to have the view return the same results in SoDA that are returned in the client version of ReqPro?