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‏2011-05-09T15:10:56Z |

Feature Focus Week: Bean Validation

Bean Validation is introduced under JSR 303 and is fully integrated in WebSphere Application Server Beta and up-coming releases. Developer can take advantage of the features offered by Bean Validation to build robust and secure application with emphasis on data consistency. Bean Validation specification is also make available to other J2EE technologies and create a seamless integration to:

  • JSR 314 - JavaServer Faces (JSF)
  • JSR 317 - Java Persistence API (JPA)
  • JSR 322 - Java EE Connector Architecture (JCA)

Bean Validation provides the following functions:

  • Standardized methods for validating data within Java Beans
  • Provides a simple but powerful model to enforce data consistency using "validation constraints"
  • Normal built-in validation constraints with option to create user-defined validation constraints
  • Regular expression constraint for validating Java string based attributes
  • Option to recursively validating embedded objects
  • Customizable validation messages target to application specific violations
  • Constraint Group to create fine grain validation control
  • Constraint Group Sequence to control constraint validation order
  • And more .....

To Learn More
Join us for our Feature Focus Week Reflections teleconference scheduled for Thursday, May 19th, 2011. To receive invitations to our CEP sessions, simply email cepatusdotibmdotcom requesting to join. By return, you will receive a confirmation with a few questions about you and your interests. After that, you will start to receive regular invitations to the presentation.