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Pinned topic Setting ESB time-out for individual Mediation flows

‏2011-05-09T10:15:09Z |
Here's a very simple question I am sure someone can answer.

I want to increase the Mediation time-out of an ESB flow my team has developed. Currently at the Application server level the "Total transaction lifetime timeout " parameter (under App server>server1>Transaction Service) is set to 120 seconds and while we can change this, we would much prefer to update the time-out for just our one mediation and not for all of them. There are other deployed components and they should not have to have a longer timeout.

Is this possible? That is can we set the Mediation time out for a specific ESB and not the others.

For the field "Total transaction lifetime timeout " in the admin console, the online help states "This timeout is used only if the application component does not set its own transaction timeout.", but its not clear how we can set the transaction timeout for a specific EBB mediation.

We are using WPS
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  • Jens.Engelke
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    Re: Setting ESB time-out for individual Mediation flows


    there are many different types of timeouts which can hit you in a mediation - the transaction timeout is just one of them.
    If your mediation doesn't rely on / doesn't make use of distributed transactions, one way of avoiding the timeout is probably to define SCA qualifiers that avoid participating in / creating a new global transaction.
    You'd find these qualifiers at the interface of your export and component as well as on the component's implementation itself.
    I haven't seen a setting for a "local" transaction timeout on mediation yet.

  • djcurrie
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    Re: Setting ESB time-out for individual Mediation flows

    Prior to 7.0 you could modify the transaction timeout on the mediation module EJB but, with the move to the "native container", this EJB no longer exists. Your only option is to explicitly include an EJB in the end-to-end flow via an EJB import/export and set the timeout for the EJB. This can be achieved either declaratively ( or programmatically (

  • RajuJ
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    Re: Setting ESB time-out for individual Mediation flows

    Hi djcurrie,

    As you said, if I have a scenario as below

    Long Running BPEL->EJB->Mediation Flow

    will this work? For me it does not. Because the Transaction starts from the BPEL invoke activity.

    The transaction timeout is happening only if the EJB creates its own transaction.

    Need you view on this.

    Raju J