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Pinned topic Loading DIV content from one page into DIV content on front page - big q...

‏2011-05-08T13:07:36Z |
Hi all,

I hope you can help a girl out here! I'm working on a wordpress site, which has several content pages made up of divs all nested within one "container" div. All of these divs are formatted with css and also use some plugins for advanced functionality, eg JQuery stuff.

I'm trying to write some code so that when the navigation link on the front page is clicked for page "A", that the content of the container div of page "A" is loaded into the container div on the front page, and here's the important bit, keeping all the formatting and plugins and so on. Then, when page "B" navigation link is clicked, I want to fade out/scroll up the content, and load in the contents of the container div from page "B".

I'd love some pointers on what code to use and how to do this, and would really really appreciate any help you could give me - everything I've tried so far seems to strip out the formatting of the div contents!

Thanks again,