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Pinned topic Hick-up in ITM

‏2011-05-06T06:58:01Z |

I have observed that there are a Hick up of all Application/Transaction in the Transaction Availability Trend of ITM. All transaction is displaying 100% good between 12:00 to 12:10 PM. After 10 mins all transaction became normal, showing actual transaction result.

I have attached the scrrenshot.

Possible Cause: Network connectivity lost between Application and RRT agent.

My doubt:
1) Why this high pick? Is it for Network Problem?
2) What consequences does this have for the schedule? If the network connection is lost, does that mean the scheduler starts again? That would explain the extra sample in scripts with an interval of 15 min and the missing sample due to no connection in scripts with a 5 minute interval. (see screenshots).
3) Please confirm to me that this is a functional design of ITM/BSM, that when the network connection is lost the scheduler restarts as soon as there is network connectivity again.
4) So it is not known what happens to the scheduler once the network connection is lost? We will loss the data when Network connection lost?

Please help me solve this issue.

Thanks & Regards,