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Given I have a mediation module with an SCA export and deployed the resulting EAR to WSRR, I expect to be able to use an Endpoint Lookup primitive to retrieve the endpoint and return a response from the module it's pointing to. But it does not work the way I expect; the endpoint returned is in a format similar to "sca//ComponentName". It's definitely a misunderstanding of WSRR functionality for SCA bindings, could anyone advise?
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    Re: Retrieving SCA bound endpoint

    We have to be clear here about the term "SCA bindings" ... since the language isn't precise enough. A Mediation Module can expose SCA Exports with a number of different bindings, all of which are supported from Endpoint Lookup. So, if we consider something like an SCA JMS Export Binding ... it makes sense for a dynamic lookup. However, what does not make sense (at least to me) is a dynamic lookup for a native SCA binding, which is built in a pre-formed pattern "sca://ModuleName/Exportname" (or something like that). So what we're talking about here is an exposed endpoint that's part of the same host, so that's why a WSRR dynamic endpoint lookup doesn't make much sense to me ... since you could achieve conditional branching to a native SCA binding in the same host in other ways ... even keeping the meta-data for that condition in WSRR if you so wish ... but the address of the binding in WSRR, not sure. I know that WSRR supported this for completeness, but I haven't seen a scenario where it was useful (yet).

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