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Pinned topic Calling a remote command from the System z mainframe

‏2011-05-04T13:46:40Z |
I need to invoke a browser by calling a remote command from a System z.
Being new to the mainframe can anyone suggest how to do this? - is there a JCL command I can use. We use an application called CICS that can send/recieve messages to the windows client (I am told). I starting to believe (after searching the forums) that I need a service running on the Windows client to receive the message from CIS to invoke the browser.

My background is System i and running a remote command is built into the CL.
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    Re: Calling a remote command from the System z mainframe

    You did not mention specifics...

    In the case where your client is actually a 3270 emulator, specifically IBM's PCOMM emulator:

    From CICS you should be able to display the URL on your PCOMM session, then the user has to click on the URL to launch the browser. This may require some setup from PCOMM action bar: Edit -> Preferences -> Hotspots -> execute URL.

    1. if you have TCP/IP server on your workstation, you can setup a Remote Procedure Call. I think it is a standard TCP/IP function, but you would need to call it from CICS or from JCL that you submit.

    2. you already have a client... not sure if you can enhance it... perhaps have it accept a command and a URL, then issue a start command (or similar)
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    Re: Calling a remote command from the System z mainframe

    we habe some JCL jobs in place which use PGM=BPXBATCH and start a ssh session to remote solaris and aix servers and run unix commands within that ssh session. stdout and stderr is visible in the JCL joblog.