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Pinned topic Adding menu position from script

‏2011-05-04T13:53:36Z |

I wonder if there is a possibility to write a Python/Syntax script that would automatically creating my own menu instead of using the menu editor.

I'll be grateful for any help.

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    Re: Adding menu position from script

    You can, of course, create your own dialogs and add them to the menu system using the Custom Dialog Builder. If you have built a custom dialog, you can add it to the menu tree just be copying the component files to a certain location. That is normally under ext\lib under your Statistics installation, but users can set an environment variable to point elsewhere.

    The Menu Editor does not have apis that expose its functionality, but it is all done (on Windows) by creating Registry entries. Create an item manually and look in the Registry to see what these look like.
    Look under
    for example, for V19 entries.
    You can then use scripting code to manipulate the Registry. But be careful, as always, since messing with the Registry can mess up your system.

    Jon Peck
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    Re: Adding menu position from script


    Thank you Jon