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Pinned topic License issue (Licensed number of users already reached)

‏2011-05-02T13:35:28Z |
I am getting the below error. How can someone who is holding the license release it so that other users in the firm can use it.

Also how can I find who all are holding the license currently?

Quantify 7.0.1 091008 Solaris x64 (64-bit) (C) Copyright IBM Corporation. 1992, 2009 All Rights Reserved.
Quantify engine: Error: License checkout failure: Licensed number of users already reached.
Feature: PurifyPlusUNIX
License path:
FLEXnet Licensing error:-4,132
For further information, refer to the FLEXnet Licensing End User Guide,
available at "".
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    Re: License issue (Licensed number of users already reached)

    1. The PurifyPlus tools check out licenses at 3 times:
    a. During the instrumentation phase (build phase).
    b. During execution of the instrumented application.
    c. While viewing log files using pv, qv, pcv.

    In order to free up a license, just make sure you don't have any
    of the PurifyPlus tools open and running.

    2. Who's holding the licenses? Easiest way to determine this is to
    take a look at your FLEXlm log file. This is typically found in

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    Re: License issue (Licensed number of users already reached)

    Try "lmutil lmstat -a -c".