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Pinned topic WSRR and DataPower

‏2011-04-28T15:40:18Z |
I have just started using WSRR (Version 7.0) and have deployed a HelloWorld web service and loaded it's WSDL into WSRR. I have successfully invoked the service from WebSphere Process Server using a mediation with a dynamic lookup.

I am now attempting the same from DataPower.

I've been following the instructions in the RedPaper "Integrating WebSphere Service Registry and Repository with WebSphere DataPower" and have set up the certificate and key files as per the instructions. But I get the following failure....

IWAB0135E An unexpected error has occurred. PKIX path building failed: PKIXCertPathBuilderImpl could not build a valid CertPath.; internal cause is: The certificate issued by, OU=Root Certificate, OU=MY-MACHINENode01Cell, OU=MY-MACHINENode01, O=IBM, C=US is not trusted; internal cause is: Certificate chaining error

I'm using my WID (WebSphere Integration Developer) Web Services Explorer to invoke the DataPower
service but have also tried CURL and trying to connect via a browser with certificates added.

Any idea as to what I'm doing wrong?