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Pinned topic WSRR and Business Space

‏2011-04-28T15:27:05Z |
I've just started using WSRR (version 7.0) and have got as far as creating a HelloWorld web service, loaded the WSDL into WSRR and successfully invoked the service from WebSphere Process Server using a mediation with dynamic endpoint.
I've set up Business Space and created some pages using the WSRR Templates. They work fine, except for having no actual data displayed. I've only got the one service and it's only loaded as WSDL,
so there's not a lot in there to view but I would have thought I'd see something.
Also the drop down lists for searching etc are not populated. Which indicates something is wrong somewhere. I've not had much joy so far in finding anything. The tutorial takes you to setting up
the widgets using the templates then it looks like it all should just work from that point, but unfortunately it doesn't seem to. Any ideas?