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Pinned topic Catch "connection.disconnect.hangup" events during a blind transfer

‏2011-04-26T13:01:55Z |

I'm trying to use a VXML application on Websphere Voice Response v.4.2.3, the problem is that while executing a blind transfer, I need to catch connection.disconnect.hangup events to execute some logic.
So I put a catch event in the VXML fragment:


catch event=
"connection.disconnect.hangup"> <xmp:

goto next=
"%Hangup%"/> </catch> <

catch event=
"connection.disconnect.transfer"> <xmp:

goto next=
"%Transfer%"/> </catch>

However, the code in the disconnect event handler isn't executed, always and only the transfer handler is executed.

The case I'm trying to handle is that the calling party hang-up just before the transfer is finished, precisely before ringing the other party.

From the VXML specs., the VXML platform should throw connection.disconnect.transfer when the transfer element is executed, also it should throw connection.disconnect.hangup event if the calling party hang-up.

Is it possible to achieve that in blind transfer? and if yes, Am i missing something?

I appreciate your help, Thanks in advance.