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Pinned topic IBM releases OpenCL Common Runtime for Linux on x86 architecture

‏2011-04-25T16:58:55Z |
OpenCL™ Common Runtime for Linux® on x86 architecture is an OpenCL layered product that improves the OpenCL programming experience by alleviating the programmer from the burden of managing multiple OpenCL platforms and duplicated resources. It is a dynamic shared library that resides between an OpenCL application and one or more OpenCL implementations, such as those developed by AMD and NVIDIA® .

The Common Runtime supports all of the OpenCL v1.1 APIs in a single OpenCL platform consisting of all devices provided by the underlying implementations. This technology provides an integrated environment that can improve application portability as well as simplifying multi-device programming. The Common Runtime has been tested on the IBM System x® iDataPlex™ dx360 M3 with at least one NVIDIA® Tesla™ M2050 running Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.5. In addition, OpenCL v1.1 implementations from AMD and NVIDIA were used in conjunction with the OpenCL Common Runtime. These implementations can be found at the individual vendor websites.

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