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Pinned topic V9.7 FP4 Released - Contains .NET 4.0 and Visual 2010 Support!

‏2011-04-21T16:24:33Z |
I am pleased to announce that V9.7 FP4 has been released to our fixpack download site:

This fixpack contains the .NET 4.0 provider, the EF 4.0 provider as well as Visual Studio 2010 support. This support is all integrated into the V9.7 FP4 base, there is no separate install required to get .NET 4.0 or Visual Studio support.

This does end the open beta we had, and I thank everyone who participated on our beta for their valuable feedback. One thing I need to stress is that if you had participated in the open beta, you must un-install the beta before you can upgrade to V9.7 FP4. I can not stress enough how important it is to remove the beta with the scripts provided and documented in the beta readme.

One recent addition to our online documentation is our "validate install" page - this page is a step by step setup of connectivity with the IBM Data Server Driver Package (ds driver). In includes not only .NET and Visual Studio, but also 32 and 64-bit ODBC DSNs for use in applications that use the ODBC driver manager.

When using the Entity Framework, we continue to only support database first scenarios - models need to be generated from existing database objects, a model can not be used to evolve the schema of the database. Many of our data servers tend to have alot of schema objects, and I strongly encourage everyone to make use of the schema filtering available when you add a connection to Visual Studio to reduce the load on the catalog when retrieving metadata information in the Entity Framework Designer for example.