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‏2011-04-18T19:26:30Z |
Hi all ...I'm a Java newbie ...
My question involves the use of the getmessage() functionality when handling an IOException.

Now there are several IOException "types" ... e.g. EOF (EndOfFile), File Not Found etc ...
While I'm reading a file (using the java.nio.* class)
and I encounter some sort of I/O error

will (IOException e) produce a specific IO error exception message
when I invoke ( e.getmessage() )

Thanks much

Best Regards

Guy Rich
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  • seohulu
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    Re: Using getmessage()

    Depends on which specific subclass of IOException which has been caught by you, if it IS a specific subclass of IOException (ChangedCharSetException, CharacterCodingException...), then it will give out a specific error msg.

    if it is just a general IOException, then it will not.

    you can use e.printStackTrace() to find out exactly which line caused the exception.

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  • willey
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    Re: Using getmessage()

    I am new to Java, with my knowledge getmessage works have some exceptions

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