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Pinned topic IBM Announces WebSphere Application Server V8.0 – We need your input!

‏2011-04-18T18:08:03Z |
It's official: on April 5th, IBM formally announced WebSphere Application Server V8.0.

First, a BIG thanks to everyone on this forum for your participation in what has become the most active WAS Beta forum discussion ever! There has been a tremendous amount of interesting and productive dialog, and our Development teams have learned a lot from your experiences, comments, and questions about the WAS V8 Beta. Between now and our planned GA date, our Development teams are working diligently to close out remaining defects in our Beta driver so we can deliver the highest quality code possible. In early May, we will be going through an extensive Quality Certification process. In preparation for our GA, we would like to ask you about the quality of our Beta deliverable.

We need your input!

Please let us know by taking a few minutes to rate our product quality here:

Thank you,
Philippa Rhodes, PhD
User Experience Engineer
WAS V8 Quality Certification Survey Focal Point