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Pinned topic How to bypass first userid/password request form

‏2011-04-15T15:19:26Z |
Hi all, I've installed iSeriesAccess 5.4.0-2.6 on two Ubuntu 10.04 machines, one physical and on one virtual under VirtualBox on Xp.
On both installations I've created a session through setup5250; while in the first installation the connect request takes me directly to the green-on-black login screen, in the second installation every time i try to connect I'm asked for user id and password, then I get to the green-on-black login screen.
I cannot figure out what's the difference between the two configurations and I don't remember to have made any particular configuration to make the first installation bypass the login form.
Any idea? How do I bypass the login form also in the virtual installation?
Thanks, Fabio.