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‏2011-04-14T09:14:15Z |
if anyone could please tell me, what is the significance of using SD Test Case in test conductor?
I mean if we cannot insert if-else condition in it
then what kind of testing is done through SD Test Case?

Please Help me if anyone knows this.

If you could provide me with a sample diagram or something, that would also help me a lot.

Thanks in advance..!

Waiting for reply


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  • Jeff_Cohen
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    Re: Test conductor in Rhapsody

    ‏2011-04-14T13:37:11Z  in response to SystemAdmin
    The significance of using a Sequence Diagram (SD) for testing is that you can create a series of stimulus/response tests. I use TestConductor SDs for both Systems Engineering and Software Engineering (unit) testing. Forgive me for being a little professorial, but I need to frame the discussion before I can give an answer.

    When designing a class, I start with the structure (class and relations). I then identify the operations by creating a sequence diagram showing the interactions. These interactions show three things: the name of the operation, the parameters passed, and the return value (Thess SDs can be used for creating the test cases). Lastly, I fill in the behavior of the method.

    So when I test, the sequence diagram test case shows all of the various parameter values I want to pass to the operation. It also shows the return values I expect for each parameter set. The code has the if/then/else burried in the method. The test case provides calls with both the true and the false case for the if condition.

    I hope this helps your understanding. In the mean time, I'll build a small model that shows this behavior. Most of the real models I have either belong to a customer or are a bit too complex.
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      Re: Test conductor in Rhapsody

      ‏2011-04-15T07:04:38Z  in response to Jeff_Cohen
      Hi jeff

      Thanks a lot for your reply.

      If you could explain me through the model,

      it would give me more transparency & would help me to a great extent.

      Thanks again Jeff..!

      Waiting for your response

      With Warm Regards