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Pinned topic z/OS and WebSphere V8 Beta Startup Times

‏2011-04-13T16:09:16Z |
We installed the WebSphere V8 beta on a z/OS 1.11 system. The CPU seconds used to start the servant and attempt to access the admin console and have it timeout with an SEC3 abend was 5975 CPU seconds. This does not include the CPU used by the CR. There is no customer application installed, this was the first start attempt.

Has anyone else experienced a similar issue and perhaps knows what might be causing this?
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    Re: z/OS and WebSphere V8 Beta Startup Times

    I myself have not seen this problem in my testing. I am currently running on a z/990 with only 10 gig of real with a couple of paging datasets. My environment has 6 regular CPUs enabled. Clock time for my server beginning with the issurance of the START command to e-business appearing in the control region is about 3 minutes 37 seconds. On a z/196 the clock time is 40 seconds. My server is part of an ND with a server.startup thread pool of minimum 1 to max 3.

    Can you give us some information about your environment.

    What zOS hardware are you running WebSphere on?
    Are your zAAP processors enabled?
    What PTF level is your zOS 1.11?
    How busy is the LPAR where the server is being brought up on?
    Is your application server a single or in an ND environment?