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Pinned topic Using IBM TBSM 4.2.1 with Multiple Omnibus Object Servers

‏2011-04-12T10:28:39Z |
We have deployed IBM TBSM 4.2.1 with a single(primary) instance of Omnibus Object Server, Now we are going to deploy Object Server at Multiple dispersed locations, according to our design, object servers at all locations will be primary , while TBSM will be only at one single location, where it will fetch data from all the object servers from all locations, so i want to know that whether it is possible to configure a single instance of TBSM to get data from multiple omnibus object servers. also what will be the suitable design in for the following scenario:

1)IBM TBSM 4.2.1 at only one Location
2)Omnibus Object Server at multiple locations (Object Server at each location will be a Primary Object Server i.e. not secondary)

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